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CMD Training Institute are delighted to facilitate the following webinars in Association with Rural Enterprise Skillnet

Each webinar is 3 hours in duration and delivered through Zoom. Each webinar represents excellent value in Business and Financial terms. Spaces are limited, so book your space NOW.

Building Better Teams

8th October 2020 Online Zoom 10 am – 1 pm Cost €35

Teams are an important building block of successful organisations. Whether the focus is on service, quality, cost, value, speed, efficiency, performance, or other similar goals, teams are the basic unit that supports most organisations. With teams at the core of corporate strategy, an organisation’s success can depend on how well team members operate together. How are their problem-solving skills? Is the team enthusiastic and motivated to do its best? Do they work well together? This 3-hour webinar can help participants get there!

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Creating a Positive Working Environment

October 22nd 2020 Online Zoom 10am – 1 pm Cost €35

Not all of us have had the opportunity to work in a truly positive work environment. A positive work environment is important for the productivity of a company but it is also important to us personally. Our emotional and physical health can be improved by working in a positive work environment. We should wake up each morning wanting to go to work – not trying to think of excuses to not go. We want to be proud of where we work and enjoy telling others about where we work. As an employee or a leader within a company you have a responsibility to create and maintain a positive work environment. Everyone has a responsibility to create and maintain a positive work environment. Even if this is not a companywide reality you can seek to provide this type of environment for your department/ division or those within your sphere of influence. This 3-hour Webinar will give you tools to be able to create the type of company environment that you crave through building and nurturing effective workplace relationships.

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Crisis Management

October 29th 2020 Online Zoom 10 am – 1pm Cost €35

Viable organisations need to be ready for emergencies because they are a fact of doing business. The worst plan is not to have any kind of plan at all, and the best plans are tested and adjusted so that they work over time. Fortunately, you do not need separate plans for fire, weather disasters, and all the different kinds of crises that can occur. One solid plan will help you to prevent, respond, and recover from all crises. This 3-hour Webinar will help you ensure your organisation is ready to manage any kind of crisis.

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Problem Solving

November 5th 2020 Online Zoom 10 am – 1 pm Cost €35

In this Webinar participants will learn how to identify a workplace problem facing them and/or their team and examine ways to resolve it. They will learn how to gather and interpret information to identify possible solutions understanding that it should be fact supported by evidence and not just opinion.

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Fostering Innovation

12th November 2020 Online Zoom 10am – 1 pm Cost €35

Innovation in its purest form means to create something new, but it can also mean better solutions, new methods of doing something, finding more efficient and effective ways of completing a task, or creating new processes or workflows.

Innovation is what drives companies; by coming up with new and fresh ideas, companies are able to remain relevant and drive success.
Innovation is what propels businesses into the future, and allows them to forge a new path of relevance, profit, and success.

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Successfully Managing Change

November 19th 2020 Online Zoom 10am – 1pm Cost €35

Change is something that excites people who love opportunities for growth, to see and learn about new things, or who like to shift the status quo. Some changes, however, are harder to adjust to and lead to expressions of resistance and anger. We can take concrete steps to make change more palatable by understanding people’s hesitation, enlisting the help of others, setting up plans, and managing stressors. These steps can also ensure that desired changes are implemented successfully.

In this 3-hour Webinar, you will learn how to manage and cope with change and how to help those around you, too.

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Time Management

November 26th 2020 Online Zoom 10am – 1pm Cost €35

Modern life is busy. With so many distractions and demands on our attention, wasting time is easy to do. That’s why improving time management skills has never been more important to your success. This 3-hour Webinar will help you.

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Leading & Motivating a Team

December 3rd 2020 Online Zoom 10am – 1pm Cost €35

This Webinar will enable participants understand the need for teams to have a sense of vision and purpose that reflects the organisation they work in, and the role that effective communication, motivation and individual and team development play in enabling this to happen.

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Performance Management

December 10th 2020 Online Zoom 10am – 1pm Cost €35

Often treated like a box ticking exercise, effective performance management is actually fundamental to achieving a successful future. Performance management is not a fixed sequence of events, but a continuous process that constantly adapts to the needs of the team. The organisation that embraces effective performance management is creating a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

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Employee Engagement & Retention

December 17th 2020 Online Zoom 10am – 1pm Cost €35

Engagement is a heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his/her organisation, which influences them to put in greater effort. Higher engagement levels yield higher productivity and retention rates. This makes employee engagement a powerful factor in business success. Engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, and profit-oriented and organisations are more likely to retain them.

An essential part of an organisation’s talent management strategy is its focus on employee engagement and retention. Organisations that maintain this focus create an environment where employees have the tools, resources, and professional opportunities to develop skills and fulfil their career goals.

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