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Interview Preparation

Getting a call or email that you have been selected to attend an interview is fantastic and nerve wrecking in equal measure. Interview preparation is key to alleviate those nerves and allow you to make the most of this opportunity to really sell yourself as the ideal candidate for the position.

“Fail to Prepare, then Prepare to Fail” 

Lack of interview preparation is one of the main reasons that candidates are not successful. This is due in part to some of the following

  • Cannot think of a suitable answer
  • Talk a lot – but still fail to answer the question asked
  • Go off on tangents of other experiences
  • Fail to get the outcome of the example across
  • Fail to understand the relevance of past work experience
  • Fail to understand that you are the only one who can tell them how good you are
  • Fail to realise that your experience & knowledge needs to be displayed to the panel in a structured format
  • Fail to understand the structure of a competency based interview
  • Lack of interview preparation = nerves on the day!

At CMD Group we have years of experience working with clients for interview preparation and working with HR departments as independent interview panelists. As a result we have prepared a comprehensive consultation and interview guide to help any client that is preparing for interview.

We will arrange a face to face or zoom appointment for you, depending on your requirements, followed by research in to your specific job interview. At our consultation we will go through the competency based interview structure using the STAR model.

This will enable you to fully understand how an interview works so that you can focus on the specific details that will allow you to stand out from the other candidates and really showcase your experiences in a relevant and structured way. We will go through a number of questions, allowing you to practice your answers and see where further interview preparation is required.

We will provide you with objective feedback on your answers, and guide you on how best to structure your experience relevant to the position and interview that you are preparing for. During our Interview Preparation consultation you will gather valuable practice and understanding, but it will only be the beginning of your preparation. You will then continue to prepare answers based on the specific competencies as per our guide and suggestions from the consultation.

Interviewees that carry out thorough interview preparation are generally more successful at interview stage, because they are calmer, more concise and appear to be more confident through presentation and communication.

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