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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a valuable resource for anyone serious about advancing their career. At CMD Group we believe that Coaching is the catalyst for people to truly achieve their professional potential. Through the use of Harrison Assessments Analytics we can delve in to your personal work preferences and interests. This will help to give you very specific insights in to factors that will truly drive and motivate you in your Career. We also highlight your strengths and can identify any areas that are holding you back from achieving your professional goals. From this in depth starting point we have 1-1 Coaching to allow you to action change and progress.

Coaching is the art of inspiring and energising while facilitating awareness, insight and development for a client.
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Career Coaching

Career Coaching at CMD Group will help you to identify your natural skills and talents, your preferred career, highlight your key strengths and work with you on any weaker areas so that you can find your right path and excel in your future career.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching at CMD Group will unlock your true potential. We will highlight your interpersonal, achievement and leadership strengths while also seeking out any behavioural aspects which may be causing a block to your success.
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“CMD Group are an authorised solution partner of Harrison Assessments. We use research-based predictive analytics and reports as the starting point to develop your skills as a leading executive in your business”

Coaching at CMD Group is a solution based approach and starts with the Harrison Assessments SmartQuestionaire

This highly researched analytics allows you to clearly see your work preferences, motivating driving factors, strengths and potential derailers.

From this starting point coaching allows you to truly understand your career path, create an actionable plan and allow you to access your full potential.

Our aim is for you to gain insight, knowledge, and confidence as you progress in your career. Understanding the factors that drive you forward and the factors or patterns that are keeping you stuck. Through this process you the unwrap your full professional potential as we work together around a personalised framework for an action plan.

Take That First Step and Make The Change

“Brenda and her team at CMD Group was very approachable and very knowledgeable when I approached her to seek advice about what was then a transitionary period in my working career. Brenda has that extraordinary knack of being able to decipher the good and the bad from one’s experiences and identify and prioritise one’s abilities. I found the experience of working with Brenda to be very fruitful and one that allowed me rejuvenate and change my outlook and career ambitions. “

Paul, Sligo 

Brenda Crowley

Managing Partner
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