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A capable leader inspires and motivates high performance from their team. They do this through having a vision, communicating that vision, ensuring that everyone on the team is clear about that vision and how they will contribute to achieving it. A capable leader is the difference that can make or break a business. Leadership gives direction and energy to creating and achieving a goal or goals. A capable leader directs, supports, guides, and celebrates their team. Interestingly employees cite an incapable leader as a possible reason for leaving employment or a lack of engagement.

A manager that a team wants to follow is one that receives loyalty and results. All team members may know their role, may be experts at their job and be motivated toward results, but if the leader is not a capable one, then the team lack direction, clarity, and drive. Think of an orchestra, full of capable musicians ready to play any symphony, but without a conductor. The skills are there, but a leader is required to get the best from the group, to set the tone, to orchestrate the result. Or a football team filled with skilled individuals, that do not know how to work as a team for the common goal of victory. We would see individuals going in opposite directions, having different perceptions on strategy, allowing ego to inform choices rather than a clear directive, facts or analytics. The team would descend into chaos and the results would be erratic at the very least.

What makes a Capable Leader?

There are many fundamentals for a capable leader, a leader must have good interpersonal skills, be able to achieve goals and provide direction, support, and guidance to their team.

A key fundamental trait for a capable leader is Clarity. A team looks to it’s leader for clarity on the objective. Because clarity ensures that everyone understands the common goal, and how they contribute toward that goal. Part of clarity for a leader is being confident in your goals and decisions, while also having an ability to clearly communicate that directive. A good leader can inspire and influence their team and be open to learning and adapting to new ways of doing things.

Another basic for capable leadership is Trust. Building trust is crucial for your team, and a leader can do this by being able to follow through on their word, delivering results, inviting collaboration, and empowering the team. A capable leader benefits from knowing their team individually, understanding their strengths and also investing in development. When a leader invests in their team, it shows commitment and value, which is a foundation for loyalty and engagement. Leaders that invite opinions and discussions encourage innovation on their teams, which is vital for any business to continue to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Emotional Intelligence is a key skill required by leaders moving forward. Our teams consist of human beings and as such leaders that communicate and empathise with their teams benefit from loyalty and discretionary effort. An open and approachable leader can be the difference between retaining and losing key talent. Accountability also is important, as a leader and for the team. When we do not follow through on accountability, it has a damaging effect on the team and results.

Being a leader is about more than managing logistics, balancing the books, and ticking boxes. Being a capable leader means that you and the team benefits from clarity, decisiveness, communication, accountability, and support to name just a few leadership essentials.

At CMD Group we have analytical technology that measures your traits, which will highlight your strengths to further leverage your development as a capable leader. Through our expert leadership coaching we help you to become a capable leader to inspire and motivate for results. Contact us about how we can guide and support you or your team to develop leadership traits.

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